Inverness Bicycle & Fitness Repair

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Inverness Bicycle Repair

Inverness Bicycle Repair
Our goal is to earn our customer’s trust and loyalty by providing the absolute best service, advice and buying experience regarding any bicycle related situation. We wish to enhance and cultivate a friendly bicycle culture in Citrus County where cyclists of all skill levels will ride their bikes.

Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff here at Inverness Bicycle & Fitness have years of combined expertise with a wide variety of bicycles ranging everywhere from BMX to Road Bikes and much, much more!

Large Selection of Parts

Often times on your adventures parts break. Here at Inverness Bicycle we strive to provide the most parts and accessories possible, so you don’t have to wait for shipping across the country.

Basic Services

Bike Wash Road – $25 / Mtn – $30

  • Wash and polish bike frame
  • Detail clean drivetrain
  • Lube suspension stanchions

Basic Tune-Up $50

  • Front and rear dérailleur adjustment
  • Brake adjustment
  • Wipe down frame (Add’l charge for excessively dirty bikes)
  • Spot true wheel
  • Safety check all accessories

Deluxe Tune-Up Road – $100 / Mtn – $110

  • Basic Tune and Clean
  • True wheels lateral
  • Adjust hubs, headset, bottom bracket

Specialty Services


  • $12Adjust Rim Brake and/or Install Brake Pads
  • $20Adjust Disc Brake and/or Install Pads
  • $40Bleed Disc Brake
  • $50Install Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • $10Install Brake Cable
  • $18Install Brake Canti/U
  • $25Install Brake levers pair flat bar
  • $20Install cable Internal

Shifter / Dérailleur

  • $14Adjust Front Dérailleur
  • $12Adjust Rear Dérailleur
  • $70Install STI Road Shifters (Pair)
  • $50Install Mountain Shifters (Pair)
  • $15Install Shift Cable
  • $35Install Front Dérailleur Direct Mount
  • $18Install Rear Dérailleur
  • $20Install Cable Internal

Drive Train

  • $30Overhaul Adjustable Bottom Bracket
  • $15Adjust Bottom Bracket
  • $12Install Chain
  • $30Install Cartridge B.B. w/ cranks
  • $15Install Chain Ring each
  • $10+Install Freewheel/Cassette
  • $10Install Pedals

HeadTube & HandleBars

  • $10Adjust Headset
  • $30Overhaul Headset
  • $30Install Headset
  • $10Cut Steer Tape
  • $20Cut Mountain Bike Handlebars
  • $25Install Mountain Bike Handlebars
  • $50Install Road Bike Handlebars
  • $15Install Handlebar Tape


  • $10Install Tube/Tire w/ Wheel on Bike
  • $8Install Tube/Tire w/ Wheel off Bike
  • $10Tubeless Sealant Refill
  • $25Set up Tubeless System (Per Wheel)
  • $20Overhaul Front Hub
  • $25Overhaul Rear Hub
  • $15+True Wheel
  • $10Adjust front hub
  • $12Adjust rear hub

Builds / Box

  • $60Box bike for shipping (includes box)
  • $80New Box Build MTN/Road
  • $50New Box Build BMX

Misc. Repairs

  • $15Install Wireless Computer
  • $22Install Rear Rack
  • $25Install Fenders
  • $10Install Saddle
  • $12Install training wheels
  • $10Computer Calibration
  • $15Cleat Install/Swap

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Hours of Operation

Tues – Thurs: 9am to 4pm
Friday: 9am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 4pm
Closed Sunday & Monday


130 N. Pine Ave.
Inverness, FL 34450